About us

Animosity Events aim to bring to together the Warhammer 40,000 and Fantasy Battle gaming communities for exciting, narrative based gaming.  The objective of the Animosity Events is to allow players to play in non-competitive story driven encounters, in which the power of the narrative is more important than the power of the army build.  Gamers with all levels of experience are welcome to join us at the events, and we hope that all players that attend can enjoy the campaigns.

Whilst there are obvious elements of winning and losing, we are not running tournaments, we hope that players will play the miniatures they want to use, because they want to use them, not because they want to win.  Some of our most memorable moments in wargaming have been mid-annihilation, when a standalone hero dies hard and make that game, the game in which we took a beating, more memorable than any of our victories.

Sportsmanship is preferable to gamesmanship, and whether winning or losing please remember, even in defeat, at a narrative campaign your story is not over and from the jaws of defeat you can snatch the cake of victory!

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