Daisho and building a Shrine/Fortress

Written by  on October 6, 2015 

I recently have started to look at Skimish games (Mordhiem, Frostgrave and Daisho) and focus on terrain more for them. The one below I actually made for the Batman event at Wollaton Hall in the theme for the League Of Shadows home land. The most the buildings where from 4grounds, which where a delight to make and any issue where quickly resolved by them! The river and wheat fields where DIY projects – hardboard, waterdown polyfilla and that horrid cheap textured wall paper u can get from Wilco as the river. I then painted it will an airbrush.

The fields where just a foot matt cut into slices – a very easy and I think effective. I used them for a mordhiem game I had over the weekend, and thought they added alot to the feel of the game.

Lastly the Temple of Heaven was just off eBay – Temple of Heaven


Looking at this and starting to read, painting  some samurai for Daisho, I have been keeping an eye out for protential projects. With help from the Daisho Facebook group – Iam looking forward to having a series of games based in the Warhammer Old World land of Nippon. Mythical wargaming based in Nippon, samurai vs dwarves/fimir etc it is hard to say no!

Over the past weekend I saw a Japanese fortress on one of the historical wargaming tables at Derby World Wargames!


The construction of the fortress was seemly very simple, but looked great on the table and really caught my attention. As you see at this image of Nijo Castle, there is not necessary lots of details on a castle! So some plasticard, polystrene and corrugated card could all you require to make a castle?


With all that being said I wonder if I could achieve some thing like this! I can see 7 samurai on the steps defending it from a swarm of Clan Eschin already 🙂


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