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Written by  on September 28, 2015 

It all started for me with the Third Citadel Compendium at lunch break in the 3rd year.  I can remember spending a long time looking at the great figures and having Warhammer and MERP explained to me.  Neither made any sense.  But after a trip out to my friend’s village, to find beds with the mattress replaced with painted polystyrene ceiling tiles, covered in cool little metal warriors i started to pull it together.


I’ve played Warhammer on and off ever since.  From my start with 2nd Edition, to the horror of 3rd (it’s all been ruined!) to a few games around 4th and 5th then some years off till I picked up a copy of 8th.  I’ve been back for a few years now, and added 40k to my collection more recently (40k took forever to see its initial release, and my first few games were….less than inspirational).

I played quite a few RPGs too, MERP grew into Rolemaster and Spacemaster, Shadowrun was a regular favourite as was Warhammer FRP and I played some Stormbringer too.  Even the odd games of Judge Dredd, Paranoia or Call of Cthulhu.


I came back to a new form of warhammer, in my years off the roleplay based battle game had developed with an internet community, and folk playing it in competitive matches.  Both of these gave the game a different, interesting twist.  But I also discovered a great market on eBay, GW may be have been wriggling their way out of the metalwork business, but they was plenty of stock left behind…  Eventually i found the newly born Oldhammer too.


I gamed on the basis that once I owned a figure or book, it was mine for life.  I am prepared for the cycles of my interests and have carried boxes of lead and paper from house to house.   I now have a few WFB armies, Wood Elves, Undead and the Skaven being my favourites along with an aging set of Eldar, and some shiny new (plastic!) Tyranids.

I’m a recent recruit to Animosity, and hope to help with the WFB narrative…even if GW has already told us how it ends.

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