Who is Llamafish?

Written by  on September 28, 2015 

Some of you folks might have seen my name floating around the internet on some forums (probably not though :P).  I apologise now for my dreadful grammar and spelling but I am one of the Admin and “helpers” (well helper might be a bit strong….) for the Animosity wargaming forum and FaceBook Group and Page.

I have three main gaming obsessions:

Fimir – one eyed human “loving” half demons (based on the Warriors of Chaos Armybook)!  You can see some of my stuff on the Fimir FaceBook Group and on our Animosity Forum  (you might want to do a search as there are a number of posts scattered about).

Kislev – This project is on the back burner while I collect all the parts, but you can find some details on my MiddleHammer Facebook Page.

My last one, well technically two, is (are) The Genestealer Cult and Ad Mech.  Lucky we have Inquistor Sinon (if you know your Greeks you’ll get the reference) who is a radical inquisitor of the Ordo Machinum with a fetish for playing with genestealer DNA, which didn’t end well for The Ramda System in our previous event, ANIMOSITY – The Ramde Insurrection, June 21st + 22nd 2014.

Well, that’s me for now. I hope you get a better idea of what we do from the following posts/blogs


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