So many gobos, so little patience – How to cheat?

Written by  on October 29, 2016 

So I am finally coming around to doing my Goblin Wolf rider army! It has a lots of miniature that I need to paint too. So I am considering some zenithal paining

So here is the list

2x Snotling Pump wagons

2x Giants

3x River Trolls

1x Rock Lobber

1x Doom Diver

3xGoblin Chariots (2 are painted)

1x spear Chukka

50x Night goblins with Netters and clubbers (and Fanatics) (At least base coloured)

20x Spider riders

37x wolf riders with varies commands (10 painted)

4x big bosses on wolves

1 Grom (yeah I know his rubbish but it nostalgia – and besides it a silly list anyhow :P)

1 Great Gobo Shaman on Arachnarok Spider

So here are some painting guides that might be worth considering for painting these chaps

So hopefully when I get a plan, I will test one this 2 models from the pile…14914760_10154521702079333_556665672_n

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