After the End Times…

Written by  on April 6, 2016 

Some rambling thoughts I needed to put down…

I miss this…


It has been a while now, since the Old World was officially taken from us. I won’t say ‘ended’ as there are projects on the way which will keep a little part of that world alive. Blood bowl is coming, and hopefully they don’t try to transplant the game in their new ‘Age of Sigmar’ setting! I couldn’t even tell you what the place is called, such is my apathy.

Don’t worry, this is not another AoS rant. Far from it. But while we’re on that subject…




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The Old World Lives… just not on your table top!


Many players found new ventures. Mantic opened their arms wide and said…

‘come children, for we have square bases and many a kickstarter!’

Other players gave the 9th ed fan based update a go. Many tried smaller fantasy based skirmish games such as Frostgrave…   some of us though, are still lost!

I’m still lost. I can’t bring myself to support a Mantic game as my personal opinion of their business is one of suspicious disgust, and that is even before we look at the quality of their miniatures. Though I have heard good things about the Kings of War rules system, I have watched this business launch Kickstarter after Kickstarter, afraid to put their money where their mouth is. And they have that money, they just won’t commit it to their projects and expect the community at large to fund each project. Call me old fashioned, naive or just cynical, but when a company that can likely be regarded as the UK’s second most popular miniature gaming concern, you’d like to think they could stand on their own two feet after all this time? I look at Kickstarter as a place for people to get just that, a Kickstart… not for an established concern to use so it doesn’t have to invest in new projects. If Games Workshop were to launch a product on Kickstarter, the internet hate would be red hot!

I’m looking forward to playing Frostgrave, and potentially other small skirmish level fantasy games. I’ve always been a fan of ‘levelling up’ miniatures as they play through scenarios etc. Necromunda being my favourite example from the past. A twelve miniature band, with character and characteristics, allowing you to paint each with as much dedication as the next. This was something I tried to do with my WFB Dwarf army, but when you are painting rank after rank it takes enormous time and dedication to treat each miniature as an individual, something I couldn’t commit to entirely.

It was a struggle to complete each unit. Especially if you came to the game late in its life, when you were forced to purchase and paint hundreds of miniatures to field a basic level game! 8th Edition had its faults, Games workshop likely engineered those faults to ensure sales, i’m a cynic and naive, but i’m not stupid!

Having been a 40k player exclusively for such a long time, I was opposed to square bases for an age, I look back at the year and a half ‘pre-End Times’ as one of my favourite hobby eras. I found 8th Edition late in the day. I had always proclaimed, ‘if i ever play THAT, I’m playing as Dwarves’. And I went for it, as with most of my hobby, full tilt.  I built a large, LARGE, Dwarf army. I loved playing the game, and then it was ripped away from me.

I know, there is nothing to stop me playing it, yes yes, but there is. People move on. People move to supported systems. How many people still regularly play games that are unsupported? Oldhammer and Middlehammer Facebook pages are out there, but they’re online pages for discussions and trades. Few of their subscribers or page contributors play these games outside of their established social circles, with those people they likely played when the games were current. And when your gaming opportunities are already limited for one reason or the next, how do you keep a game alive when the community at large turns to new horizons?

 For a game which had driven many of its original player base in other directions, it was still popular enough to host some well supported events. I found that Animosity events in The Old World were my favourite, both for organising and for playing in. The flavour of the old world brought something different to our narrative events, and something I wish to taste again!

Relocated as I currently am, I miss my Dwarves. I miss my Slayers and I miss my ‘Book of Grudges’, the pages of which will likely stay empty as there are fewer opportunities to play the game.

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Where am I going? I don’t know… I’m lost remember. But I don’t want to sit back and wait for rescue, for somebody to lead me from the gloom, that may never happen! I have to find, we have to find, our own way of moving on with the hobby. Like those folk who have migrated to other supported systems, there is a way. You need to find it. You won’t find it by sitting back and doing nothing though.

This is the beginning. A collation of thoughts which will hopefully ‘kickstart’ the search for a way to recapture that flavour. I may not find it straight away. I may have to look in some dark places, and taste some pretty foul offerings on the way… maybe even swallowing some pride (i’m looking at you Mantic).

So, when you are lost, how do you find your way back?

You have to pick yourself up.

Find your own way.

There is no point sitting in the dark fretting about what might have been.

Games Workshop are not going to gallop out of the murk on a white charger, broadsword in one hand, 9th Edition starter set in the other!

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4 Responses

  1. llamafish says:

    Actually hobby wise, I do feel free. With WHFB I always felt I hard to min max my armies. Dropping weaker units for the best, even if that meant I lost character in my army. Things like frostgrave and other ofsprey publication means I can use what I like and not have to paint 50models!

    GW fluff and minatures are still what make my hobby worth while, even if it is oop now.

    • venerabledread says:

      I like to think my Slayer heavy Dwarf army never sacrificed fluff for a more powerful list. Those on the end of my Organ Guns may feel different, but at least I used the Goblin Hewer to represent!

      In the end, what I mourn is the loss of enjoyment that WFB in 8th Edition brought me. I’m not alone in this, as I think that essentially that is what we all play for and hope every game will provide!

  2. Kieron says:

    I appreciate what you say about Mantic and Kickstarter, and I’m not a fan of most of their miniatures either, however I will say that KoW is an excellent game. The small rulebook is only a tenner and gives you everything you need to play. The PDF rulebook and army lists are free – just missing magic and a few options.

    For me it plays like 6th/7th ed WFB, which imo was the best period. It’s fast, intuitive it and has given my Undead, Wood Elves (who don’t suck in it) and Bretonnians a home. I’d suggest giving it a try – their open approach to miniatures and basing also means you don’t have to support them beyond rules.

  3. John Guillem says:

    I sometimes game 6th edition fantasy (using the 7th edition lores of magic) with my friends. It’s the best edition of WFB imo.

    However, we’ve also recently tried out Osprey’s Dragon Rampant. It’s quite different to WFB but is a very good game (albeit needing a couple of tweaks) and definitely far superior to Kings of War.

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