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Written by  on March 4, 2016 

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Tomorrow I shall be competing in my first X-Wing event! In Berlin no less. Having spent the majority of what time I can find to commit to hobby, whilst relocated to the German Capital, in a galaxy far far away; i felt it was time to return to the blog.

I should not have been surprised by how easy the game is to access, yet incredibly difficult to conquer! More on that later though… I have witnessed from a distance the inevitable ‘mistakes’ made by so many others as the game takes hold and the desire and need to collect and obtain the squadrons, along with upgrade cards takes hold.  There is a reason this particular image is so popular in the X-Wing community…


…because it is so easy to make those mistakes!

I have found youtube to be packed with useful videos, a great place to while away the time when not directly trying to figure out how to beat my nemesis! Of particular note are the videos of Michiel van Rooijen, which I have all but exhausted, some of which i have watched on more than one occasion. You can find them here…


download (2)

‘Damn Poe Dameron!’

This guy has been the bane of my X-Wing gaming so far! My opponent, my unnamed nemesis, who flies Poe, in every encounter; has excelled in picking apart my TIE Fighters since we began to play in January. The current score is 11-2. Not in my favor! I was delighted by this. I even gave the Force Awakens Core Set T-70 the obligatory Black One repaint the miniature and my opponent deserved. I made a decent job of it too!

Tomorrow I face new opponents for the first time. This is the squadron I will be taking, led by Darth Vader (who else!).

FullSizeRender (2)

Tactically my plan is for Vader and Omega Ace, combining critical hits, to do the telling damage! The TIE Advanced x1 Title Card and the Adanced Targeting Computer upgrade offer Vader at least one Crit if he has a Lock. Squad Leader should help to maximise Omega Ace’s pilot ability, to alter all attack dice to critical hits, by ensuring he has, more often than not I hope, both a Target Lock and a Focus token to spend.

Howlrunner, leads Obsidian Squadron Pilot, and the Academy TIE, running interference, blocking and hopefully stripping off opponent shields.

How the squadron will fly will depend upon the foe. I intend to fly Vader and Omega together at all times and whether all five form up or they hunt in two packs will be determined by the list opposite.

I am not, and never have been, overly competitive when it comes to tabletop gaming. That is how Animosity came to be after all. Tournament play did not appeal, and in truth, it still doesn’t but the desire and opportunity to play X-Wing, to see how others play in turn, is too high to be overly concerned about the competitive nature of the events I may end up participating in.

My goal tomorrow as is to provide my opponents with more of a challenge than I have provided Poe Dameron these past months! Should I return to home base (that is our apartment, not the DIY store) with nothing but tales of loss, at least I have tales.

The Store Championship (5th March) takes place at Funtainment in Berlin. Check back at a later date to find out whether I managed to take down any of the Rebel Scum (or Scum) or even Imperial squadrons I face off with!

Let me know what you think of the squadron I am using for my first outing, and keep and eye on the Animosity Facebook page in future (maybe we’ll run some X-Wing events soon!)

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