The Feeding

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(Thanks to Jay at the Holmfirth Gaming Centre for the great game board (that you can stand amongst your army on!), the tyranid draftees and the coffee)

Presented here is a transcript of account given by Corporal Stumpy’s of the Ork incursion that led to test subject Theta-Six-Omega acquiring sufficient biomass to enable an escape from containment and the resultant loss of the Outpost Alpha Minor II on Mechorix IV.

The corporal reported that, after receiving authorisation from Captain John Nikon (deceased), he entered the enclosure to collect field samples for the Project. The Captain’s record noted that Stumpy was often found roasting local avian species as unsanctioned food supplements. He is the only survivor from whom an account can be taken.

Transcript follows +++ Corporal Stumpy +++

It was early morning, just as the sun broke the Northern horizon, as the samples where easier to gather at this time of day you see! So I crossed the laser fence and headed up the mountain, following the river. This took me some time, bout an hour I guess.



From my vantage point I could see that the meteor shower wasn’t right, whatever the Sarge had though. I could see that while the ground was covered in craters there were metal wrecks missed in the debris… even I knew this just wasn’t right! Us ratlings just don’t survive in the guard if you don’t notice things!

The Nids had gathered in herds, which we’d only seen when we dropped food, or when the Inquisitor was throwing in some abhuman or mutant for testing!


From the desert I could see a large dust cloud rising, when I checked it out on my scope it was like one those old movies you see back home, it reminded me of my fav classic “Mad Max” granted I that’s I’ve seen it in years. Anyway, it wasn’t human but damn orks… so much metal and black fumes, they must of landed in Rokk.




The no one on the base had seen the orks and the crew were busy following standard protocol bombarding the Nid Herds to break them up. Then someone picked up the Orks, and the thunderfire guns started to rain down on them, they didn’t even pause though, the horde came on like the tide!

As the orks got nearer, I could hear a booming Ork voice – it must’ve been amplified ork tech as there’s no way I should hear that level of cursing at that range!

Oi that Aint right – dat ‘andful of ‘uman have a ‘azer fence fing! Send everythin’ tho’ it! Smash it daan!!!”

I seen the Nids try that before a few times, before the tyrant had be placed in the enclosure, the smell of burnt meat even made me feel shit after a while!

I could see that a Nid herd that had been coming towards the outpost and bunch of Orks had split off towards the ruins, so I scoped up and had a look. Some Blood Axe orks where sneaking about the ruins of the old city, long lost to the requirement of the test facility. I saw a thing I’m sure the techs called a called a Hauspex that starting poughing though and swallowing orks! It made short work of them, and even a brute of a greenskin with a massive powerfist and uniform, it smashed open the shell of that thing that all I could hear was it screaming as it was dissolved as the creature’s blood splashed all over it! What the heck do we have on this planet!


I looked away back towards the base, the orks trucks and kans where frying on the fence, slightly battered but still there! I could see Sarge shouting orders at the laser cannon, then he had a shocked look on his face, like he had wind, and he just exploded – fecking burst out of him, a portal! It was one of those ork Teleporter guns! The crazed snotling started to rush all over the stunned squaddies and tear them about…. I threw up, it was worse than those damn Nids!

DSC_0195 DSC_0190 DSC_0184 DSC_0181


That Shokk attack gun had sneaked up at rocky outcrop and was trying again. You could see the mad ork, jumping up and down hitting buttons, valves and switches. Then he fired the damn thing again – I swear the fecking thing opened a vortex inside the outpost, the techmarine got engulfed along with his gun! The base had had it. The vortex just sucked in everything it touched, while dakka jets strafed and blew crap out of all the armour!


The outpost containment fence held for long enough to wreck the ork trucks and kans, but then the power generator was smashed by the vortex – the remaining orks flooded in and killed what was left of my mates… I just watched… I was just too far away do anything else…..

The Ork with the booming boss – I am convinced is the Warboss charged straight towards the biggest herd of Nids in the area and just tore though it! I saw the tide gun down a carnifex with bolt pistols! You ever shoot a carnifex? No, didn’t think so – you cant kill them with a fecking bolt pistol! Try lascannon – that how many damn orks they was…




That Warboss and his lot chopped down a more best I could make out there were at least four carnifexes and a couple of massive things spitting acid. I could count the number gaunts they mowed down, but I would still be there! Then a few tyrant, the tide just hacked them apart. Then i saw theta-six-omega. It pressed straight through to the Warboss and the pair of them sized up and ran at each other. It didn’t last long. The Warboss took a load of hits, stuff that would cut a chimera in half, but he just looked mad and swung back was not good though, that nid was cold and clinical the Warboss staggered back from a flurry of sword blows, then fell collapsed, in at least three big piece. The orks where stunned and the tide stopped, it was over. They had turned from Predators to prey – the Tyranids vastly out numbered them, and with no Warboss panicked and fell apart…


I just watched – and waited for help


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