Animosity Rage Road Pt 2 and the Race!

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Well took me a bit longer than planned to get to this post on the event we had at Slayer Gaming with the Animosity Group.

So as a recap, on the 22nd November 2015 Animosity held a free 1 day event Animosity – Road Rage! at Slayer Gaming in Mansfield. My fellow Blogger Nik ran the game he saw at the Oldhammer event called Deathrace 40,000.

In part 1 of this post I was making my Kroot Wagon. I talked about having a death roller on my wagon, but it didn’t really work on the model. So ditched the idea and mounted a machine gun though the front grill instead…it seemed a sensible option…

The Blue Meanie

1a 1b


The weathering affects were found on YouTube.  For ease, this time I searched for one that showed how to do it without using an air brush.  I was quite impressed how easy and effective it was, and i have used it on some Tau battle suit since! Curtis at Ramshackle Games produces an ideal range for this and I’m thinking about getting more parts and gubbins for other projects – maybe a Rogue Trader desert planet that might be based on a famous world in Star Wars…

The Race


The track was just flock paper with a black track sprayed onto it (hopefully Nik will provide some details in a later post 🙂 )



The racers lined up for the first lap, no sign of Mad Mork at the start line, not that that was a surprise, he’s never on time!

4The starting flag signals the start and the racers tear off into the first silly corner! Sadly the Flag Grot was run over by the Blue Meanie (ooopps 😉 )



7 late

Max finally turns up, at full speed from the back of the group (bloody cheat with a rolling start!)….

8 mayhem

….straight into the back of the group that had crashed, before getting some air to into 4th position. (although i’m not convinced anyone was “racing” in this group, I had rammed 2 cars already by this stage!)


David and Scott’s faster racers had taken the lead – and a lots of damage at this point, before the Tron Bike dropped a laser barrier…


The Blue Meanie however had other ideas…mostly trolling Mad Mork and forgetting to race at all.

10 a

Things at this point had got silly.  The battle bus was in the pits after losing all it’s wheels, two cars had been eliminated and a Tron bike was about to be reversed into by a tank (hehe!).



At this point things got frantic as players where trying to survive the race and not lose everything.  Nik’s GMing was getting more amusing.  For example, the Tron rider was pushed his bike to the Pit after the Meanie nailed it – but the local ratling, hired by the organiser of the race, shot the rider, killing him outright!  Also the Ayg-Ork from Team Dred had turned into at potential bomb. It was overloaded with napalm and abandoned on the circuit after the foolish driver got out to push, and was instantly run over on his way back to the pit.  So everyone wanted to set that off…

Lots happened in the game, all I cant report it all but I strongly suggest everyone have a go at this at your local games club…laughing all the way!

Hopefully we can find some other amusing things to do soon… or just revisit this one 😉

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