Thunderhawk Gunship – The Carry Box (Finally)

Written by  on November 23, 2015 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (Lincoln)…


I received a wonderful Christmas present. I’d been going on about the Thunderhawk Gunship for years, I thought my luck was in the previous year when subtle hints were dropped only to find out it was an Epic fail… no really, she’d bought the Epic scale Thunderhawk!

A year later my hobby dream was realised and the 40k Super Heavy Flyer of my dreams was gifted!

There was a long and lengthy build. Many emails and a few replacement parts shot back and forward from Forgeworld! It was that sort of build!

Eventually the build and the painting were completed, with a nice game table level base and nylon flying rod the Thunderhawk took to the killing fields of 40k in Animosity – APOCALYPTICON UK (2014). I truly don’t recall any further outings, such is the way with some super heavies. A lot of that was the transport issue!

KR do a sterling job with their boxes and custom foam trays, but having a £400 Forgeworld kit I thought about it and felt that one box with one tray at almost £150 was a step too far even for my prized Imperial Fist centre piece.

I determined to make my own, and never got round to it. Foehammer (that is her name) has been sat on top of my stereo for over a year now.

With an imminent move my hand has been forced. Though I’m so pleased with the result I’m blogging!

I went to IKEA, as finding a suitable sized container was most likely something the Swedish furniture gods had foreseen long ago… and I did find one! The Samla range is just the right size.

Having not had the foresight myself to built the hawk in detachable pieces, I had to source something 2′ x 2′ x 1′ at least!

I found the deepest box in the range, went home and began to line it with polystyrene. Did some measuring and then began adding pick and pluck left overs from other cases I’d used to house the rest of the Marine Company.



Pretty simple stuff, and with a glue gun that didn’t melt the foam or the polystyrene I was applying the foam blocks to, I was cooking on gas!

I made some areas for the nylon rod and the base too…




Then the Foehammer goes in! Perfect fit!



So there it is… stable and safe. Even better, there was a shallower box that stacks in the Samla range! (Yes, this is almost an ad for IKEA!).



From here I reckon I can go on and fit the other Imperial Fist flyers in the shallow tray and keep the flying forces together!


And they fit!

I’m very happy with how this has worked out so far. And finally I can draw the Thunderhawk project closed after all this time since that wonderful Christmas surprise!

So it’s still WIP really but won’t be too much before the whole box is finished though!

Hopefully when I return from another galaxy far far away (Connecticut), this will help encourage me to get the Foehammer to some events and take the fury of the Imperial Fists the enemies of mankind!

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