Road Rage – Are you ready! The 22nd is nearly here!

Written by  on November 9, 2015 

So we’re down to the last few weeks in the garages.

The Angry Gingers are ready.  Two cars that have had their spanner checks and just need fuelling and loading.  It all looks well in hand, for now…

The Kroot are getting ready too.  They’ve got their parts ordered over night from Nippon.  The chassis is solid, but there’s still work to do.  We’re sure that everything will be bolted one, but will the death roller roll?

Others are keeping things quiet.  Closed garages with blank faced security guards aren’t giving away any secrets.  We’ve seen armoured bike tyres being delivered, and what looked like a custom built supercharged V8 crate engine.  And big containers of military grade ammo.

11845891_10153057257421381_1238654466_n (1) And we’re working too.  A track’s been cut in the desert.  The blacktop is on the way and the surveyors are banging in the levelling pins…Dakar_traces_mauritanieDW-Oakland-build-1

The committee are making the final drafts to the regulations.   Don’t forget to get your team registered and get your say.  We’ll be ready to race on 22nd November 2015.  Get your team ready.  The draft regs are here!

Road Rage 40K

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