Animosity presents, Batman – The Long Halloween

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On the 31st of October 2015, Animosity presented for the BMG and wargaming community, Batman – The Long Halloween. As participants in Animosity events of the past will be aware, narrative events are the way we prefer to roll and we love a nice map based campaign too…

Long Halloween Gotham City Map

Each of the city squares above represented a different table. These tables were made up using the boards from Holmfirth Gaming Centre and Animosity, all of which are becoming widely known by the BMG community due to their prominence within the BMGTUK 2015 which was hosted by Animosity at Wollaton Hall in September.

Players and there crews were asked to ‘escalate’ from 200 REP upto 300 REP for the days gaming. The escalastion was loose, and not true escalation due to the limited ability of some crews to escalate from one level to the next so the stipulation was basic, simply raise the REP and keep it to the same parent crew. This worked well, and even allowed for Kieron Mulholland’s Poison Ivy to ‘evolve’ as the games progressed!

Crews were to be divided into ‘Law and Order’ led by Batman, and ‘Crime and Punishment’ led by Two Face (appropriately for The Long Halloween). There was an even split between the crews following a last minute drop out. Various versions of Arrow were popular, and to keep the crews balanced Pete French decided to go rogue, and ‘Evil Arrow’ entered the fray in the ‘Crime and Punishment’ team.


The map was used by the team leaders to ensure that players played across a different city square (board) and against different opposition in each of the four rounds.We’ve found that allowing players and their nominated leaders to determine games, more often than not, provides just the right level of variety and avoids repetitive clashes that would otherwiese be difficult to avoid without pre-planning the games. Pre-planning in the past has often proved to defeat the purpose of the map with a players destiny and game progress already determined.


‘Law and Order’ won the day! Batman went unbeaten to lead his team to victory! Though there was no sign of Jack McCoy nor the dad from Dirty Dancing!


As part of the days theme (what could that have been on the 31st of October?), there were post game activities. Holding The Long Halloween objectives (created using secret Weapon Miniatures bases and pumpkins) allowed players to ‘be the Batman’ and have a swing at the pinata! There was also apple bobbing and a pumpkin carving challenge for players to battle for prizes.

TT Combat donated prizes, which we cunningly disguised in envelopes and playing cards for random picks.

Knight Models also donated a limited edition Joker Rule book, which went to the pinata winner, Pete French!





Kieron Mulholland wrote a great review of the day, including briefs on his Ivy crews performance, via the cheaphammer blog.

Its a great write up and I hope it conveys what a good time was had.

I could finish with loads of pictures of the miniatures and the boards, but time is ticking and as Christmas approaches another event idea has been ignited. I’ll leave you with a picture of the Batman on the Holmfirth Gaming Centre ‘Crime alley’ table… and Bane causing trouble at a stadium!







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