Animosity -Road Rage (Team Dread aka the Angry Gingers)

Written by  on October 20, 2015 

Team Dread have revealed their primary vehicles for Road Rage…

The team are yet to announce their drivers (the identities of whom have been kept secret by the team principle Ven Dread), but the Angry Gingers are delighted with their vehicles.

The GiT-86 is the teams flagship racer. With a super-charged nitrous enhanced engine, it is sure to leave many of the more cumbersome vehicles ‘eating dust’.



The Ayg-Ork is an interference runner. As fast as the GiT-86 in its own right it has been designed to cause maximum irritation to the opposing drivers, allowing the GiT-86 to take the flag and reap the glory. When pressed about this role Team Principle Ven Dread replied ‘underestimate the Ayg-Ork at your peril, its a nippy little bastard and if its not on your heels it will be because your already out of the race’



Whispers of a third entrant from Team Dread were laughed off, but witnesses claimed to have seen a shrouded vehicle under armed guard in the grounds of Dread Manor. The witnesses have since been reported missing to authorities, but since this isn’t the type of place where the authorities would dare to venture, nobody cares much.

We were granted an exclusive meeting with Team Principle, Ven Dread at his coutry estate. In the private interview we broached the subject of those rumours. He responded angrily ‘Those rumours are entirely unfounded, we have nothing to do with the disappearance of those 12 witnesses’. When I pointed out to Mr Dread that we were infact referring to the secret vehicle, he chuckled sheepishly and was quick to change the subject. ‘oh that, no truth to that at all. How do you like my new patio?’ 

The Angry Gingers are expected to reveal their drivers for Animosity – Road Rage, in the next few weeks.

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