Animosity – Road Rage – Wacky Races Style Part 1

Written by  on October 19, 2015 


On the 22nd November 2015, Animosity are holding the free 1 day event Animosity – Road Rage! at Slayer Gaming in Mansfield. The idea for which was from my fellow Blogger Nik, he was inspired by a game he saw at the Oldhammer event called Deathrace 40,000.

So needed a suitable racer – I decided to look for inspiration from any old classic… WACKY RACERS! In the Cruel world of 40k you need not take any prisoners… (or be subtle!) so the Army Surplus Special #6 has to be the inspiration for this project!




So for the parts I got in touch with Curtis at Ramshackle Games. I sent him the picture above and he found the parts for me plus some extra grubbins to go one to it! I have decided to go with a Kroot crew, as we all know Orks players will be having the time of they lives with this one!

The following Pictures are the “dry build” so I can get an idea of how it going to roughly look at the end.

car3 car1


After this picture I did some sawing and cleaning – but hopefully will update you in part 2 of this project!

On the 22nd November 2015, the free 1 day event Animosity – Road Rage! at Slayer Gaming in Mansfield I am hoping to field this – but I did some googling and found some more other people works! Hopefully some one will turn up with similiar pimp space marines car or Genestealer Cult Limo!




car5   car6  car 7  car8



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