Animosity presents, Batman – The Long Halloween

Written by  on October 15, 2015 

Animosity presents, Batman – The Long Halloween on October 31st at Holmfirth Gaming Centre.

image Ace Chemicals imageThe Batcave

image Downtown Gotham City

Holmfirth Gaming Centre created a few of the iconic boards that were present at the BMGTUK at Wollaton Hall last month. Players will get an opportunity to Batclaw across these tables at The Long Halloween, when Holmfirth Gaming Centre play host to their first Animosity event!

The event itself is named after one of my favourite Batman tales, that in which District Attorney Harvey Dent takes on the Falcone crime family with the assistance of Batman and Jim Gordon. The Long Halloween is quite an epic, and Dent’s eventual corruption leads to some surprising alliances throughout…

Balance permitting, our own Long Halloween featuring four games with an escalating format, will hopefully recreate a little taster of these alliances as we pit Law & Order vs Crime & Punishment in a loosely map based campaign day.

The Long Halloween is a casual affair, more of a ‘Long Halloween Party’ and certainly not a tournament. We are introducing an extra objective, themed for the day, to each table and a few ‘tricks and treats’ along the way… what would a Two Face Origin tale inspired event be, without a two headed coin!

We’ll be play testing a popular rule featured here and there on the ACL (Arkham City Limits) Facebook page! Multi-storey buildings can be a difficult encounter for the less mobile crews, so an adaptation of the Sewers rule is in place to help the foot sluggers make it to the dizzy heights of Gotham’s larger buildings!

If that has wet your appetite, then my job here is done! You can grab a ticket for £7 via paypal to

You can email me at the same address or PM me on Facebook if you know where to look.

The event pack is available on the Animosity forum in the Batman and Download sections.

I hope to see you there…

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