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Written by  on October 9, 2015 

I’m Batman… no, not really, I’m just a dude with an unhealthy obsession with the Dark Knight and wargaming. Imagine if you could combine the two (No, no, not Konrad Curze).

Oh wait, you can. The Batman Miniature Game.

It has been a pretty hectic time since Animosity took  on the role of hosting the first Batman Miniature Game Worldwide Tournament (UK).


Hosted at Wollaton Hall, Nottingham (Wayne Manor from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’) Animosity, supported by creators Knight Models and the Bats parents (the live ones) DC Comics, we put on one of our best events yet. With some truly excellent boards created especially for the weekend and a large body of Bat enthusiasts to play across them, the weekend was a great success. Nobody left empty handed and there were some stunning prizes on offer.

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We were able to utilise the grounds of Wayne Manor for the top table…


Some arenas were a little more… devastated!


And chilledmonkeybrains was on hand to take some really cool photographs throughout the day… this is my Batcave and this is probably the best picture of it. It does look a little less impressive when you place it next to the Holmfirth Gaming Centre Batcave, which you can play on if you join us for, Animosity presents, Batman – The Long Halloween on the 31st of October!

The Batman Miniature Game has been a great new adventure for me in gaming. I’ve created some major terrain pieces, hosted our largest and most successful event and discovered a great new facebook page called Arkham City Limits, where the patrons are friendly and helpful (and include the game designers and Knight Models reps).

The game itself is young, and being new to it I am still coming to terms with the rules. The basic mechanics are easy enough to pick up, but every miniature is almost unique with a variety of traits and special rules that provide the DC characters with their own styles and niuances (yes, DC. Green Arrow and other such characters are available to use as well as the Dark Knight and his enemies).

In time i will post about my Batman crew, painting and hobbying in the Batman Miniature Game and further events. In the meantime this short introduction to our Batman adventures wouldn’t be any good without some images of the miniatures available from Knight Models…

medium_8437013053471_Harley_Quinn_AK_CREW_00 medium_8437013053488_Batman_AK medium_penguin-gotham-0 medium_WEB_batgirl preview_WebBatmanFrank copia preview_ROBIN_WEB1

Animosity will next be delving into Gothams underbelly on the 31st of October at Holmfirth Gaming Centre. Animosity presents, Batman – The Long Halloween is a casual narrative campaign day. As opposed to the regimented BMGTUK which we hosted, The Long Halloween will be a laid back event in which many of the players will still be taking tentative steps down the Gotham streets.

This is my first BLOG on our Animosity page. Hopefully i’ll get into the writing groove eventually and keep you all entertained as well as informed… fingers crossed.

Ta da for now

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