Mark Evans

Love the old School GW minatures/artwork from the late 80s and early 90s. Now he can afford them, he searches out Kislev and Fimir minatures.... and noramlly finds he still can't afford them...

So many gobos, so little patience – How to cheat?

Written by  on October 29, 2016

So I am finally coming around to doing my Goblin Wolf rider army! It has a lots of miniature that I need to paint too. So I am considering some zenithal[...]

3rd WHFB/AoS dwarf list?

Written by  on August 25, 2016

As a follow on from Digging out the Dwarfs post , I quickly wrote up an army list for a small 1200pts list from 3rd Ed. The idea that I don’t[...]

Digging out the Dwarfs

Written by  on August 22, 2016

Just dug out my lead pile for my dwarves and considering joining a painting challenge (or at least painting 100 points a month to get them done)! I havent[...]

Llamafish Surplus pile…

Written by  on August 20, 2016

I decided that I need a clear out. So please see the pictures below and see if you fancy any of it. I also have a wanted list pile of the link below Llamafish[...]

Llamafish Wanted Minatures

Written by  on August 18, 2016

So I decided that I should finally come up with a want list of my old and middlehammer bits that I want to get over the coming years for projects. You[...]

The Feeding

Written by  on March 3, 2016

(Thanks to Jay at the Holmfirth Gaming Centre for the great game board (that you can stand amongst your army on!), the tyranid draftees and the coffee) Presented[...]

Animosity Rage Road Pt 2 and the Race!

Written by  on December 14, 2015

Well took me a bit longer than planned to get to this post on the event we had at Slayer Gaming with the Animosity Group. So as a recap, on the 22nd November[...]

Massacre at Bōto ya Uma-mura -Daisho Skirmish!

Written by  on October 28, 2015

Background The Sohei Tendai sect Monk are as most religion in Nippon, Jinto, but believe in the notion that the of a phenomenal world and therefore Evil[...]

Animosity – Road Rage – Wacky Races Style Part 1

Written by  on October 19, 2015

On the 22nd November 2015, Animosity are holding the free 1 day event Animosity – Road Rage! at Slayer Gaming in Mansfield. The idea for which was[...]

WFB – Daisho setting of Nippon! Background and Ideas..

Written by  on October 19, 2015

I am just working out a campaign for the game Daisho, which I wrote about in my last post. I like the idea of setting the scene in a world I am very familiar[...]